About Mindful Energy

Mindful Energy is an ethical utility consultancy based in Hemel Hempstead that uses software automation to source the cleanest and cheapest gas & electricity supply contracts.

Our Mission & Vision

Mindful Energy's mission is to facilitate more sustainable decision making for UK businesses.

By providing cost effective, sustainable energy solutions, we empower organisations to reduce their environmental impact by making more informed, mindful choices.

Our vision is to positively contribute to creating a more conscious and sustainable world.


Tackling climate change will not be achieved through financial incentives or cheaper clean tech alone. At Mindful Energy we believe Net Zero will be achieved by raising the conscious awareness of decision makers, so they become personally accountable of their own actions and decisions. Studies show that mindful leaders make more longer term, sustainable choices for themselves, their businesses and the wider environment.

Mindful Energy exists to facilitate an increase in awareness to create sustainable businesses, both economically & environmentally, for the long term.

Our Founder

Ian has worked in the energy sector since 2003, initially with a leading commercial gas supplier for 7 years, before moving into consultancy. Ian is passionate about conscious well being and has authored a book called "Man versus Anxiety, the Fight/Flight of the Century", which delves into his personal struggles with anxiety and depression and outlines how he overcame them.

Ian has brought together his two passions of Mindfulness and Energy Management and created Mindful Energy, with the vision to positively contribute to creating a more conscious and sustainable world.

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Ian White

Senior Energy Consultant

Our Values

The values of Mindful Energy are based on the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Those values are;

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    Higher Purpose

    A business that focuses on a purpose beyond pure profits. In doing so, it inspires and engages its key stakeholders.

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    Stakeholder Orientation

    A conscious business concentrates on the whole business ecosystem to create and optimise value for all of its stakeholders.

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    Conscious Leadership:

    A "we" rather than a "me" mentality to drive the business. 

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    Conscious Culture

    A conscious culture that fosters a spirit of trust and cooperation among all stakeholders.

These values positively converge,  fostering the delivery of high quality and ethical services, a commitment guaranteed by partnering with Mindful Energy.

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