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At Mindful Energy, our variable supply contract service targets a 15% saving against traditional fixed price offers.

We do this by providing lower consuming businesses with access to products normally used by industrial or large corporate organisations.

By allowing your price to trackg the energy market price fluctuations on a daily or monthly basis (like a tracker mortgage) rather than fixing all of your energy in advance, you are able to take advantage of reduced risk premiums and any drop in energy prices.

Advantages of Variable Rate Contracts

Reduced Risk Premia

When a supplier provides a fixed price supply offer, they do so not knowing what the future holds. As such, they build in a sensible level of premium into the rates. Variable rates have a lower risk to the supplier and as such they include less risk premia in their offers.

Leverage Market Fundamentals

All things being equal, the cost of gas or electricity is normally cheaper the closer to the time you consume the energy. A variable rate contract enables you to take advantage of this lower price, reflecting in cheaper bills.

You Can Fix At Any Time

If the wholesale energy price falls to a point that is really attractive, we are able to fix the remaining 'open' energy volume for you. Providing the opportunity to maximise your chances of getting the lowest price while creating budget stability. 

Win Win Mentality

A variable rate enables you to increase your chances of getting a lower price but retaining the option of fixing at any time. This level of flexibility enables businesses to manage their energy costs more dynamically, creating a win win situation. 

For those customers that are familiar with variable/flexible supply contracts, more bespoke strategies might be required. Mindful Energy's core strategies are defined below.

Risk Strategies for the Advanced Buyer

The Rolling Hedge

This is where 100% of your forecasted annual energy consumption is purchased 3, 6 or 12 months ahead of delivery. As an example, on a 6-month rolling hedge strategy, your October renewal would be purchased no later than the end of March. This is a low-risk approach to flexible purchasing.

Fix & Float

You purchase 25%, 50%, or 75% of your contracted energy volume prior to the contract starting. The remaining energy is purchased a quarter before the month of delivery. e.g. you purchase 50% of your energy needs and then buy the remaining 50% of each month 3 months prior to that month starting.

Aggregated Purchasing

Many businesses do not use enough energy to qualify for a flexible contract. Leverage the buying power of many other UK businesses by joining one of our gas or electricity purchasing baskets and access flexible buying strategies.

Dynamic Purchasing

Mindful Energy would create a tailored risk management strategy specific to your business. This would include a number of risk workshops to help you define your requirements and make the most informed decision.

Choose Mindful Energy for Advanced Energy Procurement

Our Variable Gas and Electricity Supply Contract Procurement service enables businesses to mitigate against the high rates seen following the energy crisis of 2022.

Leverage the expertise within Mindful Energy, so that you can focus your time growing your own business.

Contact us today to learn how we can empower your business with energy cost stability and savings.

Benefits of Variable Gas and Electricity Contract Supply Contracts

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    Cost Optimisation

    The rhythm of real-time translates into competitive pricing, ushering in perpetual cost optimisation that captures the most auspicious market conditions for sustained energy expense benefits.

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    Strategic Pliability

    The art of adaptability. Our contracts furnish you with the acumen to gracefully navigate fluid market dynamics, empowering you to craft timely decisions that resonate with your fiscal aspirations.

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    Risk Guardianship

    Immersed in perpetual energy market vigilance, we safeguard against abrupt price escalations and mitigate exposure to market volatility. Our preemptive strategies erect an impervious barrier against unforeseen cost eruptions.

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    Eco-Conscious Endeavors

    Seamless sustainability. Our flexible supply contracts can seamlessly integrate renewable energy, allowing your business to radiate an aura of environmental conscientiousness.

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    Operational Synergy

    Tailoring your energy supply to your operational cadence ensures a harmonious allocation of resources, fostering operational efficiency, productivity, and waste reduction.

Case Studies

Eskimo Ice / Ice Club has been manufacturing and distributing packaged ice across the UK and Europe for over 40 years. Having secured rates not long after the energy crisis, Ice Club were keen to ensure they were employing the most appropriate risk management strategy to maximise profitability of the business going forward. Given the nature of their business (ice production), demand is highly dependent on the weather and therefore energy consumption forecasting is challenging. As such, if the correct contract terms are not in place, there is a risk of breaching supplier Take or Pay clauses. As a forward thinking business, they were also keen to become more sustainable, and procuring renewable energy at a premium was acceptable, subject to the level of the premium.

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When Mindful Energy started working with Tinklin Springall Solicitors (TSS), TSS were using both gas & electricity across a number of sites, with some meters on out of contract rates. Following the energy crisis, TSS had (sensibly) declined to contract at very high rates, and were unsure when was a good time to resign a new supply contract. Additionally, there were a number of different contracts with different supply contract end dates, increasing the contract administration burden.

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As a growing business Dart and Partners (Dart) had inherited energy contracts as they acquired new offices. This resulted in supply contracts with different energy suppliers, on different contract end dates, creating an unnecessary administration burden. Additionally, it was challenging for Dart to unsure they were getting the best energy deals due to the different contracts they had in place.

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