Procure- Sourcing the lowest prices

Procure- What is it?

Your utility bills are ultimately defined by two elements, your Price and your Consumption.

Our Procure services help your business source the cheapest and cleanest energy supply contracts for your business, with our individual services shown in the following table.

Below is a more detailed description of Mindful Energy's Procure services.

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    Supply Contract Procurement

    Strategically sourcing utility suppliers, negotiating fixed and variable/flex supply contracts, and exploring renewable energy contracts to secure cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy.

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    Risk Management & Hedging

    Managing risks related to energy supply disruptions, price fluctuations, and environmental compliance to ensure business continuity and financial stability.

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    Bill Validation & Portfolio Management

    Having a great rate is one thing, ensuring the supplier charges you this rate and ensuring you only pay for what you use is something else.

Purchasing cost-effective gas, electricity and water supply contracts is a key component of managing your cost risk. To find out more about how Mindful Energy can help you with this, please choose from the following options.


Fixed Price Supply Contracts

Using our reverse auction methodology we source the cheapest and cleanest fixed gas and electricity contracts for terms between 12 and 60 months.


Variable Supply Contracts

Let your energy rates track the market to avoid risk premiums associated with fixed contracts, while improving your chances of getting a lower price.

Sourcing the cheapest and cleanest energy supply contract is only one side of the coin.

The best kWh is the one you do not use, so it is also important to invest in energy efficiency and renewable technology. By doing so, you reduce your business's reliance on the grid.

Our Reduce service helps businesses like yours find the right solution to reduce costs. To find out more click the button on the right.


Identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and lower your costs.

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