Dart and Partners find an 11% saving

Industry: Estate Agents

Location: Devon, UK


As a growing business Dart and Partners (Dart) had inherited energy contracts as they acquired new offices. This resulted in supply contracts with different energy suppliers, on different contract end dates, creating an unnecessary administration burden. Additionally, it was challenging for Dart to unsure they were getting the best energy deals due to the different contracts they had in place.


Dart and Partners

Mindful Energy carried out a meter asset level audit, creating an accurate site list for all meters at each premises. In doing so, Mindful Energy were able to establish the relevant contract and pricing information for each of Dart and Partners (Dart) sites and create a strategy to aggregate them all on to one energy supply contract.

Mindful Energy submitted a whole of market energy supply contract tender using our reverse auction methodology, requesting all meters to have one common end date. By aligning the meters in this way, Dart reduced the number of different suppliers they needed to pay down to one monthly DD. Additionally, they were able to obtain more competitive tariffs by leveraging the larger buyer power of the group, saving an estimated 11%.

Lastly, by having just one contract end date to manage, Dart has reduced the amount of contract administration, and subsequently the risk of meters going on out of contract rates.


An 11% reduction in energy costs is material. Add on the time saved by aggregating all meters one to one contract and Dart are in a much better place regarding their electricity contract management.

Mindful Energy will continue to monitor the markets on Dart’s behalf to ensure they renew their future contracts at the optimal time.


"Impeccable service from Ian and the team at Mindful Energy. They sourced a number of competitive contracts for us across multiple sites. The communication and admin were fantastic. A pleasure to deal with. " - Owner/Director- (A named contact or references can be provided on request).

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