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When Mindful Energy started working with Tinklin Springall Solicitors (TSS), TSS were using both gas & electricity across a number of sites, with some meters on out of contract rates. Following the energy crisis, TSS had (sensibly) declined to contract at very high rates, and were unsure when was a good time to resign a new supply contract. Additionally, there were a number of different contracts with different supply contract end dates, increasing the contract administration burden.


Tinklin Springall Solicitors (TSS)

Mindful Energy carried out a meter asset level audit, creating an accurate site list for all meters at each premises. In doing so, Mindful Energy were able to establish the relevant contract and pricing information for each of TSS’s sites and create a strategy to aggregate them all on to one gas & electricity supply contract.

Mindful Energy focussed on the gas supplies initially due to their out of contract status, submitting a  gas supply contract tender to the whole of market. Following a competitive auction process (what is the auction process?), TSS signed a gas supply contract that delivered an estimated saving of 48%.

Mindful Energy then carried out a whole of market electricity supply contract tender, requesting all meters to have one common end date. By aligning the meters in this way, TSS reduced the number of different invoices received and suppliers they needed to pay down to one monthly DD.

The result was a saving of 30% on TSS’s electricity bills, while significantly reducing the contract administration burden.


Mindful Energy deliver massive savings to TSS, impart due to some meters being out of contract, but mainly due to the power of the reverse auction methodology. Additionally, the reduction of supply contracts from 5 to 2 massively reduces the level of contract administration, allowing TSS to focus on their core business activities.


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Mindful Energy to address our energy contract needs and couldn't be happier with the service provided. Ian and his team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, expertise, and dedication throughout the entire process. They meticulously analysed our situation, focusing initially on our gas meters, where we were significantly overpaying due to being out of contract. Their recommendations were clear, based on thorough research, and presented us with options that led to substantial savings. Not only did Mindful Energy secure us competitive rates, but they also managed the complexities involved, ensuring a smooth transition, and helping us avoid any further out-of-contract costs. Ian's guidance was invaluable throughout. Ian’s transparent communication about their fees being included in the costs and paid by the supplier showcased their honesty and integrity. Even when faced with challenges, such as with our electricity contracts, Ian's perseverance to present us with the best offers was evident. Choosing Mindful Energy has been one of the best decisions for our business. The personal touch, understanding of our needs, and Ian's readiness to go above and beyond, including accommodating our requests swiftly and efficiently, made the entire experience outstanding. Their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations is commendable." - Head of Finance- (A named contact or references can be provided on request).

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